CEO's Message

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CEO's Message

Samyoung Enterprises, which announced its start as a specialized electric corporation
in 1994,Among the electric power plants that are the driving force,
power generation, transmission and transformation, petrochemical,
renewable energy,By establishing itself as a leader,
we are expanding its scope to domestic and overseas sites.

In the field of design, purchasing, and construction by diversifying business and
securing core technologyExpand business operations into the global EPC
fieldAs a leading company in the world,
we will practice with responsible management.

The trend of the global market is changing to the project's large scale,
various processes, and specialization.Systematic management such as
safety management, process management, and quality management to meet customer needs in
realityIt requires a management system.

Now is the time for the second leap forward to grow into a global company.
To be the best company with the best efforts,
passion and passion with all employeesWe will leap forward as a new
Samyoung companyWe will do our best to become a company.

We always want to be a trusted company.

Thank you.

06542 31, Gangsam-daero 70-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea | TEL : 02-2023-0413 | FAX : 02-547-0463
Email : | Corporate Registration No. : 229-81-19166