Employee Benefits

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Samyoung offers a variety of benefits to its employees to live a stable and fulfilling life.

  • 01. Congratulations and condolences
    In case of family events, Samyoung provides employees with paid holidays for family events, and congratulatory and condolatory money and wreathes.
  • 02 Uniforms
    Samyoung provides uniform to employees working at sites
    (summer and winter)
  • 03 Educational Expenses
    Samyoung provides educational expenses for their children.
    + only for long-term employed person : High School (5 years), University (10years)
  • 04 Lend rental(house) money
    Samyoung lends money to employees needing living expenses.
    + only for long-term employed person
  • 05 Support other expenses
    To promote a healthy and comfortable working environment for employees, Samyoung provides lunch, transportation fee (Business use only), and vehicle expenses (Business use only)
  • 06 Health examination
    Samyoung provides a complete medical checkup once in 2years for the health of employees and prevention of diseases.
  • 07 Social insurance
    Samyoung provides national pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance for employees.
  • 08 Support for club activities
    Samyoung supports various club activities such as basket ball, soccer, cycling, et. To help employees enjoy their hobbies and promote friendship.

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